Certainly Better Than Those Morewood Domes

As all those who live in Morewood know, we are relegated to the default lighting of our rooms, one desk lamp per person and that obnoxious globe in the middle of ceiling. Lighting is practical for the most part, it certainly shouldn't be impractical. However, the style lighting can inherit is largely ignored. Although style comes at a price, sometimes. Anybody who tells you otherwise is just lying. The approximately 75$ (52£ set price) price tag of these lamps puts them a cut above the rest, which as we all know, the ends justify the means. The ends being that these lights are fun and a great way to provide sensible lighting after hours. I'm a firm believer in the importance of natural sunlight especially in a home. However, as the winter draws nearer, the days begin to shorten. When it gets dark at 16:00, it's hard to live without extensive in door lighting arrangements. Usually people's houses are filled with those stereotypical frustum shades on some length of metal rod with some sort of a base. This works alright, but it's DULL. Hannah Nunn provides us with ample opportunity to do something often forgotten by the Potterybarn and Crate&Barrel shoppers abound, to center design around lighting. Instead of having a light be functional and jamming it next to a chair so you can read or in the dark corner to make it brighter, why not make it the center piece of a coffee table, sofa table, book case or hell, any other flat surface in your home. The ambient glow and sleek perforated shapes of these table lamps (some style available in sconce or pendant forms too) make them a must have for anybody with a modernized home. More patterns, including a large selection of botanical inspired designs, available from Hannah Nunn's website.

View product details at Hannah Nunn's website.

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