For When Dial Doesn't Cut It

Sometimes those ever classy bathroom adornments, Dial, Softsoap, et al, just can't cut it in the kitchen. Sure they work, and yeah they're fine. You don't like that orangey-yellow liquid antibacterial that's present in so many of my childhood scrapes and cuts? Fine, get it in lavender scent and hey it's even purple! All's well that ends well I suppose, unless you're present with an opportunity such as this: Cucina. For those of you who don't know, that's Italian for kitchen (it has nothing to do with star spangled banners or tight little something or anothers). This soap smells fantastic and works fantastically. The best part is that it's all natural and thus OK to eat. Sure you can do that with Dial, but when you've been cooking for a while and then immerse your now Dial coated hands in a bowl of vegetables you're coating, the end product tastes more like a 4th grade punishment for swearing than a delicious side dish. Cucina's tested formula of coriander and olive oil leaves your hands clean, smelling fresh, and ready to take on your next task in the kitchen without tainting everything you touch. If this sounds too good to be true, it vaguely is. Perfection comes at a price, 20$ (plus 6$ shipping from Amazon) per 16.9 ounce bottle that is. At this point most of you have given up, but if you're willing to front the cash you most certainly won't be disappointed. Also available at most Anthropologie stores.

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