A Coffee Table's Sweetest Dream

To have a coffee table is something I desire, deeply. That may sound absurd to some, but there's something wholesome about a coffee table. A coffee table is always in the middle of a gathering place; it provides a culmination point for the style of the room; it's large enough to warrant some simple but well arranged decorum; lastly, but not leastly, it's the perfect place for an over-sized book. The problem is that the most books people put on their coffee tables aren't all that interesting, and that's the sad part. So steps in Exactitudes. For those of you (admittedly myself included, although not likely many others) who've been searching for that perfect book to complete your shelf or adorn your coffee table, this is it. Exactitutdes finds humor in the striking similarities that strangers share despite our usually immense efforts to set ourselves apart. Each page contains 15 images of people sharing some general characteristics and demonstrating only minute variation. The book serves to be genuinely funny while still providing some above average portraits of everyday nameless citizens. At 52$ (but FREE shipping!) it proves to be an investment worth making. For those still sticking to their budgets, below is a link to view the collection of images for free (Click on them to enlarge).

View the relatively complete anthology of Exactitudes online for free.

View product details from Amazon.

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