An Updated Classic Keeping Its Cool

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a classic. Its reputation has been building ever since the likes of Warhol, Hepburn, JFK, Dylan, and Lennon (to drop only the biggest names) plastered them all over their face. After a lengthy break in production in the 90's caused by dwindling demand, the frames made a massive comeback in the earliest years of the millennium. Now it's damn near impossible to go somewhere ripe with college students and sun where two or three or most of those present haven't adorned this vestige over their eyes. They're so popular that if you don't feel like springing for the brand name, there's still a multitude of options in the 20$ and under category. Many a wearer opts for the all black frames a la Tom Cruise and his underwear. For the classier individual, tortoise frames can be purchased. However, past that, then this whole ordeal really starts to get interesting. Until finally you stumble on these; the God send of Ray Ban new Wayfarer 2140's (if you're a male): blue rims and cream arms. It couldn't make more sense. You put one color on the front so everyone sees it when they're looking at you, then you slap the other one down the side to add a-whole-nother layer to these rims when viewed from the side. Despite the massive popularity of the Wayfarer, you literally HAVE to buy this pair from England. I'd like to see this two tone trend continue forward with new color combinations, because if everyone's going to be wearing the same sunglasses all the time, at least have them be fun and fresh. These glasses SCREAM summer, cool days spent in the sun out on the grass. And for the ladies, there's purple and red two tones. Otherwise you'll have to stick to your choice of solid colors or tortoise. The price is variable, anywhere from 100$ to 180$ depending on the vendor and lens type (The link below is 122$ for the blue/cream pair with free shipping).

View product details from UnitedShades.com.

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