What Your White Walls Have Been Missing

Everyone has to appreciate the simplicity Ellsworth Kelly not only experimented with, but relished in. The point was never to make an overarching statement or to make you think, what he did was always aesthetically motivated and that was that. This MoMA printed mid-sized poster (30"x28") is a great tribute to Mr. Kelly and his unending supply of vibrant colors and simple lines that were consistently in clear defiance of any recognized movement. At 19$ (with a massive 2$ discount if you're a MoMA member), this little splash is perfectly crafted to adorn a dorm room wall while having the added bonus of leading your friends to think you appreciate modern art. After all, the original painting is currently on display at MoMA. Or for an additional 155$ (sounds overpriced, but really isn't) you can get it in a quaint black frame, surely of highest quality given the vendor. Shipping unfortunately isn't free, but is only 6$. I highly recommend this to clear up any white wall blues.

View product details at the MoMA online store.

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