Knife Fight!!!

Everyone loves name checking, I know I do. So the title for this one's aptly (in my opinion) borrowed from a particular Minus the Bear song. Now to get to the point. This is a knife, it is sharp, it looks cool, buy it. I could leave it there, but I'll explain a bit longer. This knife is made by Wenger, the official maker of knives and watches for the Swiss Army (that's right, Victorinox Swiss Army doesn't do that anymore or ever), so you know it's of the highest quality before it even arrives in your hands. It is also just the right size to get confiscated by TSA, but still be practical to use for most larger scale knife-necessitating tasks. The hashed grip helps maintain control and the clever closing mechanism (you press down on the logo printed on the side of the knife!) makes it feel more like a spy weapon than a camping aid. Obviously for us city folk this isn't the best knife to do things with considering its accurate weapon like appearance. The sleek black plastic body with a contoured grip and minimalistic logo add to the knife's persona. At 17.5$ plus 7$ shipping, who wouldn't want to imagine yourself deep in the jungle as the last marine alive from your platoon as you fight for your life against an onslaught of charlies.

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  1. awww shit I gotta buy me one of those for the next time I get me in a knife fight dawg

  2. its monkey knife fight bro