Tantalizing Ties

For those of you unfortunate few who have not heard of Etsy, etsy.com is essentially a marketplace for people to sell handmade goods. However, these aren't the same popsicle stick Christmas tree ornaments you made when you were five. Etsy provides a unique opportunity for people with creative talents, but no means of dissemination. That brings me to these ties, which while a bit late for this past Christmas season are still significantly cooler than your average find. Coming in at the entirely reasonably priced 40$ (with an additional modest 3.2$ for shipping), these ties are certainly fun and certainly festive. If you're pinched for cash, a 30$ microfiber counterpart exists. While I'm not sure what the attraction is of a white tie with white snowflakes (see the color options on the site linked below), I am sure that you'll be sure to impress with that snazzy looking powder blue with white snowflakes. The textured tie is rarely witnessed especially when it isn't the fabric itself that's textured. Break away from those awful ties that plague mid-level business executives; the boring muddied colors; step away from your Jerry Garcia collection and try one of these for a spin.

View product details at toybreaker's Etsy store.

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