What Minimalism Is Supposed To Be

One last Etsy post before I continue looking at things elsewhere. This purse, much like the earrings in the post below, represents an old fashioned simplicity that seems to be making a "modern" comeback. I say that mostly because it seems that modern went the route of minimalism for too long and has finally sorted out the difference between simplistic and modern. While not the best purse you've ever owned in terms of practicality (can't shoulder sling that shit or fit much inside of it), it does look nice and ultimately that's what counts for things like these. The wood handles and sophisticated print make the bag, but the inside with its cream interior and green striped pocket put the perfect finish on this bag. The price is 42$ plus 5.5$ shipping.

View product details at jenniferladd's Etsy store.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I enjoy this bag.
    But it wouldn't go with most of my wardrobe..